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What Matters Most In Life

Ah, what matters most to most of us?  Love, family, friends, peace of mind, comfort?  Sure, and on top of all of that for me are two that are synonymous, love and family.
I have been married to my beautiful husband since November 27, 1968.  We were both 18 when we married.  Picture the signs of the times:  Drugs, sex, rock and roll, Jimi, Doors, Who, Zeppelin, protests, Vietnam.  Oh dear Goddess.  My husband's lottery number was 23, oh no, he was going to Vietnam, no doubt.  So we got married, we got pregnant and along comes Gillie on our first anniversary.  Nope, he didn't go to Nam, thank the Goddess.  Two years later, along comes Garry.  Now our little family was complete and we were all of 21 years old.
I don't think I would advise most young people to do what we did, but understand one thing.  I had known my husband since the day I was born.  He is 11 days older than I am, was in the same hospital when I was born, we went home the same day, our parents knew each other, we went to school together from K-12.  I KNEW him.  He was my friend, and we fell in love.  And now, all of these years later, we are still married, and I love him more and more each day.  He is my best friend, my soul mate, my life.  
My kids, ah, my kids.  My beautiful daughter, Gillian.  Currently 32.  Hmmm, 32 years ago I was unconsciously drawn to a Saxon name.  Coincidence?  I think not.  No one I knew had ever even heard of the name.  I don't even remember where I saw it.  She has been with me in many incarnations, sometimes my daughter, sometimes my mother.  She has a much older soul than I.  She is height deficient to a small degree (5'2"), dark hair, dark eyes, resembles me quite a bit.  She is married to HER childhood sweetheart, Sean, and has two adorable monsters, Shaun Michele, born December 30, 1993 and Jake Adam, born January 1, 1995.  She has recently declared herself pagan and started her year and a day of study.  I am sure that one day her daughter will follow our tradition as well.  For now, she is studying the Catholic religion that her father follows.  
My son, oh, my son.  I had to love him a little harder than my daughter, he was tough, but he was worth it.  He is named for his father, Garry, and he is a handsome man.  He has dark auburn/brown hair and blue eyes like his dad, stands about 5'7" and is very sturdily built.  He is married to a beautiful girl, Sandra, and has an adorable little elf daughter, Elizabeth Ann born February 17, 1999.  We Wiccaned the baby when she was five months old and her magickal name is Siofra which means Little Elf in Gaelic.  Mama is Catholic, too, so baby will be exposed to both religions.
I have two grandsons of the heart, the sons of our best friends, Paul and Denise.  Andrew, born July 16, 1998, and Nicholas, born October 3, 2001.  Andrew is a redhead that we call Chili, and he has the temper to go with that red hair.  Nicholas has the sweetest little face that totally lights up when he smiles.  
One of my sisters of the heart is Cat, a dear, dear friend I met on line.  She is the most incredible lady, beautiful, kind, thoughtful, sweet and totally supportive.  I don't know what I would ever do without her, and I thank the Goddess for bringing her into my life everyday.  She is incredibly talented and makes the most wonderful beads and jewelry.  Hopefully I will be featuring some of her beautiful work sometime soon.
Another sister of my heart is my cousin, Shirley.  We grew up together and were the best of friends in school.  I practically lived at her house when I became a teen.  We had a stupid falling out around 1976, and we were estranged until recently.  I had been dreaming about her frequently, and then one day she contacted me by e mail.  We have been talking ever since, and I am so, so grateful to the Goddess that She brought her back into my life.  
I could not go without mentioning the wonderful ladies of what I call "the council".  They are very dear to me.  Gala I have known the longest.  She is the one who named this little business.  She just threw it out one day, and it was perfect.  She is a beautiful blonde goddess with beautiful children and a great husband.  She adds a great dramatic flair to our rituals.  I hear the voice of the Goddess in her voice when she speaks.  She is the mother.
Ravn is a warm, deep and thoughtful.  She is very psychic and can "see" spirits.  She is intense and dark, and her spirituality just exudes from her.  She is  the mother, but also the Crone.  She is in that in-between stage, at least to me.  She is intelligent and grounded, and I feel very drawn to her.  She is mysterious.  Her significant other is a wonderful warm man whom I am sure must have been a high priest in a former life.  They are so very well suited, like a hand in a glove.  They are an incredible couple, and I adore both of them.
Our little redhead has no magickal name as yet for she is new to the craft, but she is darling.  I know so very little of her, but she is sweet and kind hearted.  She is someone who draws others with her smile and gentle nobility.  She is an Irish goddess, long curly red hair, beautiful white skin, just the epitome of an Irish lass.  One of her spirit guides is my great grandmother, so we are connected.  I am looking forward to getting to know her.
I have many others to add to this page and will add pictures as well, but for now, I will leave this small group as it is.