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Well, I guess in here is where I will explain a bit of the old religion and pass on some little tidbits of information, spells, etc.  I am an organized person, but I have found that my BOS tends to be a little haphazard, probably because I use it like a journal.  I am going to attempt to group things such as spells, recipes, and the like, but I am not making any promises that everything will stay where it should.
The picture to the left is of the ceremonial swords and athame of a few of the members of a "council" of witches to which I belong.  This picture was taken after our Imbolc circle.

The religion we practice dates back at least 20,000 years.  In the "old" days, societies were matriarchal.  The women were revered because they could give birth.  The men were incidental, needed for getting food.  They didn't realize back then that men were the seed of life.  Since society was woman centered, it was natural for people to believe that a higher being was female.  The higher being had a triple phase, Maiden, Mother, Crone (the first trinity).
The old religion has room for multiple deities.  Yes, our gods and goddesses have dark sides, just like we do, but they are not jealous.  My Goddess does not demand "thou shall have no other gods before me".  She knows She is the Goddess, as do I.  She doesn't keep saying "I am the Lord, thy God".  She does not demand that I kneel before Her, She says "Walk beside me".  She does not demand that I sacrifice my cherished son to prove my love and devotion to Her.   And if She did, then She would not be my Goddess, for She would not represent all that I admire and adore.  I devoted myself to Her of my own free will, not because She demands it, but because She deserves it.  I humbly walk Her path and feebly attempt to follow Her way.
Ok, got off the track a little there.  I was trying to explain the old religion.  However, I find that I must compare and distinguish what I have learned and grown to love, cherish and emulate from that which was forced upon me for 42 years.  I am not trying to demean a religion I no longer believe and follow, but to share the peace, inner joy and true love and happiness I have experienced and cherished since She revealed Herself to me.
The old religion is as varied as the number of people who practice it.  There are many different traditions, and each group or coven, every individual, or solitary develops and practices the tradition that is personally correct and fulfilling.  This is truly one of the beauties and attractions of the old religion.  And anyone who truly practices the old ways truly RESPECTS the beliefs and practices of others and their right to practice and believe (I'm not saying agrees, just RESPECTS).
Many of us "neopagans", as we have been labeled by some,  are eclectic.  We may lean heavily on one tradition by using that pantheon of deities or practices, but borrow from other traditions or develop practices of our own, mixing and matching deities, rites, offerings, etc.  I SAY that I lean heavily on the Celtic traditions, but I guess I mean to say that my Goddess is Danu, the mother of the Tuatha De Dannan, and my god is Her consort, Cernunnos.  I feel most drawn to the Welsh (hence my name, Modron) and Irish.  I love the Scots.  When I see pictures of Wales, Ireland and Scotland, I almost feel homesick.  The standing stones sing to my heart.  It is difficult to explain, but I know that anyone who has felt what I am trying to say understands without further explanation.